Welcome to Finchley Music School

For a specialist trained and qualified PIANO, GUITAR, VIOLIN, SAXOPHONE, FLUTE or CLARINET teacher,
look no further.

We used to say the you're in easy reach of one us if you live in Barnet, Enfield, Haringay, Camden, Brent, Harrow and even South Hertfordshire.

But going on line has changed all that. With a decent internet connection you're in easy reach anywhere in the world, and our reach has certainly expanded, with pupils in many countries, including Poland, Estonia, Canada and China.

We've recently been expanding our pool of teachers, and range of instruments offered. As we gradually return to face to face lessons, we are continuing to offer online lessons where face to face isn't practical.


Following lockdown, all our lessons have moved online.

Many of our lesson are in groups, and we have found that Zoom works well for us.

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Free Taster Lessons

For beginners, a free taster lesson is offered, giving you the opportunity to see how a lesson is run, meet the teacher and see whether or not lessons would be suitable.

Follwing an enquiry, teachers will be in touch to arrange a taster lesson.

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Free Assessments

For those who have already been playing, an assessment is carried out by one of the teachers.

Classes or one to one lessons may be available. Classes are at many different stages. Some have only recently started, others have been going for many years, so there is often going to be a suitable class available.

As with the free tasters lessons, just get in touch and we'll take things from there.

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